Who are we?


SINtral Valley is a Non Profit, flat track roller derby league founded in Modesto, California. We are individuals from various professions, age brackets and interests working together to run a grassroots organization dedicated to giving ordinary people, the chance to become extraordinary athletes.

Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of local adults and youth through training, teamwork, and community involvement. We desire to promote and demonstrate that athleticism and sportsmanship can be achieved across all divisions of race, sexual orientation, age, beliefs, and body type. We hope to inspire entrepreneurship, self-improvement and community service through the structured requirements of our self-governed organization and involvement with other like-minded foundations. We unite these purposes with a common vision to cultivate a league of athletes and facilitate their competition in the sport of Roller Derby on a local, national, and international level.

Action Plans to Achieve Mission:

Create a training and education process that supports athlete development both physically and mentally. Maintain a safe, positive and engaging environment where people are welcomed and given the tools which enable them to excel as an athlete and member of the organization. To develop a skating mentor program and junior roller derby league to further the sport and encourage community youth to be active both physically and civilly. Strive to serve by focusing on endeavors that enrich our local communities and those which benefit adults and children on a national scale. Therefore, we are actively seeking partnerships with other charities and non-profit groups. We look forward to skating with you, SINtral Valley /Motown Misfits

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