Meet the SVD Players!

Double O Nuts #00

Date Joined: 3-23-08

SVD Debut: 4-19-08

Off Skates work out: Nope

Best Fresh Meat moment: The feeling of finally finding where I belong.

Favorite Derby moment: Every time I lace up my skates.

Derby Hero(s): Every one We are Derby

Pre-Bout Ritual: I say a prayer thanking my god for the opportunity, and for the safety of all involved.

Derby Wife/ Derby Best Friend: Free-lance baby!

Thunder Cakes #350

Date Joined: 1-11-11

SVD Debut: 7-21-12

Off Skates work out: The Iron Compound training facility

Best Fresh Meat moment: Meeting many of the girls I still skate with.

Derby Hero(s): Bonecrusher

Pre-Bout Ritual: So many rituals, but the day must include makeup, music, and iced coffee.

Derby Wife/ Derby Best Friend: N/A: I have commitment issues.

Hot Pursuit #915

Sinester #187

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